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Whitefish Bridals

Spring Bridals in Big Fork, Montana

I LOVE photographing Brides! Back In Texas, where I am from, Bridals are HUGE. Every bride does them. Here in Montana, it is unheard of. Let me tell you what Bridals are and why you should do them.

Bridals are just you in your dress.

It is a great chance to try your dress on before the wedding and get your hair and makeup done by your artist on your wedding day and get a bouquet made from your florist. Not only is it a great opportunity to see yourself all put together and fix any things you don’t love…

It’s also a great chance to get gorgeous photos of you in a controlled environment. We get to choose the location and time of day so that you get those warm “golden hour” yummy photos. And let’s be real .. you need an excuse to wear your dress besides just ONCE. Wedding dresses are expensive and you NEED incredible photos of you in it.

You can even bring your bestie along and snap some pics of you two together too like some of the photos in this post.

Another GREAT option is to do a “day after” session. This is the same idea but with you and your hubby after the wedding. Again, so we can go to an epic location and really take the time to get those jaw dropping photos of you two together.

Of course we will get lots of photos of you two on the actual wedding day but again, being able to choose the most epic location and time of day is HUGE.

Let me know, did you do bridals or a day after session? Do you wish you would have? Do you want to if you are not married yet? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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