I’m in this for you. Your passion and the little quirks that define you are what inspire me most. Not to sound cheesy, but this is the start of a long-term relationship. I'm not just another wedding vendor. This is so much more than that.
This day is about staying true to yourselves and setting the foundation for an even more beautiful marriage. There's heart and intent in every choice.

Connection is everything

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"Ashley J is hands down the best photographer I’ve ever worked with. Not only are her pictures incredibly beautiful, but her professionalism makes you feel so comfortable being in front of the camera. Her posing guidance and knowledge of proper lighting makes you feel like a model and your pictures look like a work of art!! She is truly amazing with experience beyond her years! I am so impressed with her and will continue to use Ashley over and over and over for all my photography needs!"

"WOW!!! I'm blown away!"

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