The Top 10 Bozeman Montana Wedding Venues (2021)

Bride smiles at the groom while they're at the altar during their Bozeman, Montana wedding ceremony. Image by Ashley J Photo, a Montana wedding photographer and overlaid with text that reads The Top 10 Bozeman Montana Wedding Venues.

Are you planning a Bozeman wedding? If so, you absolutely NEED to check out these incredible Bozeman Montana wedding venues.

From rustic ranches, to modern downtown venues, to boho barn spaces, Bozeman Montana wedding venues have something for everyone! 

Top 10 Bozeman Montana wedding venues

As a wedding and elopement photographer based in Montana, I’ve photographed weddings at many Bozeman venues. Today, I’m sharing my favorite ones with you. Keep reading to learn more about the top 10 best wedding venues in Bozeman, MT in 2021.

#1 – Foster Creek Farm

I absolutely love Foster Creek Farm for Bozeman weddings. Its historic barn space is the star of the venue, with striking, large windows and a classy, all-white exterior. This isn’t your average barn venue! It has a more modern, minimalist aesthetic that is ultra-sophisticated and cool. If you want a wedding that mixes elegant, rustic, and Scandinavian styles, this is the perfect place for you! Plus, don’t forget to look into Foster Creek Farm’s drool-worthy accommodations, including a luxury cabin, classic estate house, and chic glamping tents.

#2 – Sacajawea Hotel

Sacajawea Hotel is the coziest and most quaint of all the Bozeman Montana wedding venues! Have your ceremony on the property’s courtyard lawn, surrounded by a grove of majestic trees. This historic hotel has an adorable wrap-around porch perfect for your wedding’s cocktail hour. Then, you can dance the night away with your favorite loved ones under Sacajawea Hotel’s giant reception tent (which comes complete with a sparkly chandelier). Plus, the convenience of you and your guests being able to stay at the hotel the weekend of your wedding is a major benefit! You won’t need to worry about driving anywhere and can completely enjoy your wedding celebration. 

#3 – Rockin’ TJ Ranch

Rockin’ TJ Ranch is a breathtaking wedding venue in Bozeman, Montana. This venue has a sprawling farm property with a gorgeous lodge-style reception hall. Cottonwood tree groves and magnificent mountains surround the ranch, and the Hyalite Creek runs along the property, too. Rockin’ TJ Ranch is a wedding venue that capitalizes on natural beauty! Additionally, this venue makes wedding planning super simple by offering some fantastic all-inclusive wedding packages that include catering, decor and rentals, and reception game amenities. Since the ranch is less than 3 miles away from downtown Bozeman, it is an especially appealing and convenient wedding venue!

#4 – Woodlands at Cottonwood Canyon

Are you dreaming of a peaceful, boho wedding in the woods? If so, Woodlands at Cottonwood Canyon could be the right fit for you! This is definitely one of the dreamiest Bozeman Montana wedding venues around. It’s amazing how you can totally escape city life by getting married on this wooded property. Personally, I love photographing weddings here because I think the secluded property makes for the most romantic and intimate weddings. Furthermore, after you say “I do” you can dance and toast with champagne all night under the stars at Woodlands’ ballroom and patio. Talk about perfection! This venue will definitely set you up for the most magical wedding day. 

Black and white image of a couple smiling during their Woodlands at Cottonwood Canyon wedding in Bozeman, Montana. Image by Montana wedding photographer, Ashley J Photo.

#5 – Chateau Event Center

The Chateau Event Center brings classic French style straight to Bozeman, Montana. I absolutely adore this venue because it actually makes you feel like you’re at a rustic French vineyard, versus just outside of Bozeman. There are many ceremony locations to choose from on the Chateau’s lush grounds, or you can choose to get married in the medieval-style building on the property. The building’s stucco walls, high-beamed ceilings, and chandeliers seem like something straight out of a fairytale. The Chateau Event Center also has several gorgeous, stone patio spaces that are ideal for wedding receptions. 

#6 – Headwaters Ranch

Headwaters Ranch is one of the most epic ranch wedding venues in the Bozeman area. It’s about 30 miles outside of downtown Bozeman, so it is super secluded, with tons of space to have the intimate wedding of your dreams! Rolling hills, lush grasses, and fields of wildflowers can all be found on the property, so have tons of awesome wedding backdrops to choose from. Also, Headwaters Ranch has a uniquely-designed round barn that is an awesome reception spot. It’s modern, yet rustic design is one-of-a-kind and will make your wedding day extra special. Furthermore, the ranch offers wedding packages that are all-inclusive, and their wedding planning teams will make everything super easy for you, so you can truly enjoy your day.

#7 – Firelight Farm

Firelight Farm is one of the newest Bozeman Montana wedding venues, and it does not disappoint! This barn venue combines both vintage and modern, minimalist styles for a perfect aesthetic that is understatedly beautiful. Plus, the mountains behind the barn make for an especially idyllic setting! The simple design of this venue and the natural beauty of the area make Firelight Farm incredibly versatile, and it can accommodate many different wedding types. No matter what you choose, your style will come to life on this property, and you will feel like a queen on your wedding day! 

#8 – The Baxter Hotel and Ranch

I am obsessed with the Baxter, which is a multi-location wedding venue in Bozeman, Montana. 

You could choose to have your wedding at Baxter Hotel, which is a historic hotel in downtown Bozeman. To preserve this gorgeous, art deco style building, the hotel no longer hosts overnight guests and is only available for special event rentals. The ornate interior of the hotel is in pristine condition, and you will absolutely love having an elegant, sophisticated wedding here! 

Or, if you’re wanting a more rustic, wide-open-spaces kind of wedding, the Baxter Ranch is a great fit for you. This picturesque ranch has all the blue skies and gorgeous natural landscapes you could want. The Baxter Ranch is available for only a few wedding bookings a year, so if you get married here, your wedding will be super unique and special! 

#9 – Big Yellow Barn

When it comes to Bozeman Montana wedding venues, the Big Yellow Barn is one of the most iconic and charming! This barn was originally built over 100 years ago, in 1917! It has since been renovated, and its pale yellow exterior is a landmark in the area. With mountains in the background, this venue is both majestic and adorable, so you can have the quintessential Bozeman wedding! 

Bride and groom walk while holding hands during their Hart Ranch wedding in Bozeman, Montana. Image by Ashley J Photo, a Montana wedding photographer.

#10 – Hart Ranch

Last but not least in this list of top Bozeman Montana wedding venues is Hart Ranch. If you want to have a classic Montana wedding, look no further! This wedding venue overlooks the Spanish Peaks and has an open-air chapel, giant patio with epic views, and post-and-beam barn. Many couples who get married at Hart Ranch choose to have their ceremony outside in the meadows on the property and then celebrate for the rest of the night in the grand barn. Plus, the bride, groom, and their wedding party can get ready in the cozy Bridal Suite And Groom’s Shack on the property before the big day truly begins. This scenic property has all the comforts and amenities that make for a perfect wedding day! 

Weddings at these Bozeman Montana wedding venues will require lots of photos! 

So, which of these wedding venues is your favorite? The truth is, you really can’t go wrong with any of them!

All of these Bozeman Montana wedding venues are so beautiful, and you’ll definitely want to have lots of wedding photos taken at whichever venue you choose! If you’re still looking for a Montana wedding photographer to capture your magical day, shoot me a message! I’d love to chat more with you about photographing your wedding.

Or if you’re looking for other top Montana wedding venues throughout the whole state, check out this top Montana wedding venue guide.


Groom embraces bride from behind while kissing her on the shoulder. Image by Ashley J Photo, a Montana based wedding photographer, and overlaid with text that reads The Top 10 Bozeman Montana Wedding Venues.
Bride and groom pose in the fields of a Bozeman, Montana wedding venue. Image by Ashley J Photo, a Montana wedding photographer, and overlaid with text that reads The Top 10 Wedding Venues Bozeman, Montana.


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