Kellan + Erica Engagement Session

I was so STOKED when the sun came out during this shoot! GIMMIE DA VITAMIN D!

I seriously can’t help but get so giddy and excited during shoots whenever everything is just working together. I even got a text from Erica after their session saying she loves my enthusiasm. LOL.

Even when you feel like a dork getting so excited during a shoot. It matters. Constantly letting your client know how beautiful the photos are turning out and how great they look, is so important! It helps to reassure them because taking photos isn’t always comfortable for everyone. If you are excited, they will be excited!

I always give myself a pep talk before each session, I leave all the personal things going on in my life behind and just have fun and give my clients the best experience I can. I do my best to create a space where they don’t have to feel awkward and they can just be themselves. THAT is when MAGIC happens!

I would be so over the moon excited if you left a comment and told me what you love/hate/wanna see/don’t wanna see… I’d love to hear from you!!



  1. Jessyka says:

    How beautiful are these!! And her skin… OMG 😳

    Love your heart in each story and client.


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